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You Dream It

Find a designer on our app, send a quote request with a description of what you want made, sketchings or reference pictures, your time frame and budget.

We Make It

Meet your designer for fitting and fabric/material seletcion. They'll produce your item and make arrangements for the final fitting or inspection.

You Wear It

Once everything is complete, confidently wear your professionally produced custom creation made to your taste, fits your body and your style.

Custom made, made simple!

Your very own designers at
your fingertips!

Ever had the perfect idea for an outfit but couldn't make it a reality because you can't sew? Well not anymore!

Get the LOOK you want but you'll get the FIT you need! The Fits By Design App, is the first and only nationwide directory exclusively booking college educated fashion, shoe, jewelry and bag designers, leather workman, tailors, photographers and stylist. If you need something as simple as an alteration or as significant as a wedding gown, our designers can do it.

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Customized Features

Our App Offers An Array Function
Yet It's Easy To Navigate

Limited Profiles

Each section is limited to 25 designers per state* for high visibilty and maximum exposure.

Rates & Schedules

Designers list their starting rates and schedule of availability right in their profiles.

Connect Directly

Your info and quote requests are sent directly to the designer, there's no middle man.

Send Reference Pics

Include your budget, time frame and up to 4 reference pictures of what you need created.

Make Custom Fabric

Create your own custom fabric by simply uploading a picture right from your phone.

National Reach

Locate designers in your area or while traveling anywhere in the United States.

Buy Less
and Features

Every customers garment is Made-To-Order and produced specifically for them in limited quanities resulting in far less textile waste in our landfills.

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Buy Local

Connect with U.S. based designers and search by state or use our location based services to find who is in your area.

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Buy Quality
Best Support

All of our designers are formally trained and educated to construct the highest quality garment with the longest lifespan.

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Dream To Reality

Find A Designer To Finally Bring
Your Vision To Life

More Than A Booking App

Join Our Online
Fashion & Sewing Community

SEWcialize with other sewing enthusiast in our SEWcial Community! Share pictures, videos, projects and more. Follow your favorite members, get help from advanced seamstress or help others. Test your sewing knowledge with our sewing fun fast paced quizzes.


Social Platform

Learn more. Check out new fashion trends posted some of the best fashion bloggers on the internet. Watch our comprehensive playlists of Sewing 101, Sewing Tips and Tricks and other Tutorial videos to improve your skils. In our Eco section, get informed on the dangers of fast fashion and what you can do to help.


Video Library

Get equipt. From needles, thread, tracing paper, garment bags, irons, steamers, sewing & embroidery machines, dressforms to full sized mannequins, our store has all of the sewing supplies you need. There's also great sewing themed gifts. Our shipping times are very fast.


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Find Fashion Industry specific scholarships.


Create custom fabric or find stores.


Preview schools, programs and degree details.

Eco Fabric

Find sustainable textiles and companies.

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The Fits By Design App was created to provide fashion industry graduates and seniors the flexibility and oppurtunity to earn an income utilizing their education on their terms while providing the highest quality service to consumers. We know that there are some extremely talented designers who've never stepped into a classroom, however, EVERY graduate has obtained the skill level required to execute garment construction for our standard of quality. Therefore, membership is limited to graduates and studetns attending an accredited college or university.

Why It's So Vital To Hire Fashion Students and Graduates:

Must Read Articles and Forecast
About The Fashion Industry


Is Fashion Education Selling a False Dream?

Fashion education has grown enormously in scale compared to ten years ago - in some cases enrollment has tripled and even quadrupled.

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The Project Runway Effect

Despite the huge desire for new clothing, the supply of fashion designers is greater than the demand of growing designers.

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After a challenging stretch, has fashion turned the corner? Things are looking up, but the rebound may be uneven, says this year’s report.

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Bureau of Labor Fashion Design Job Outlook

Employment of Fashion Designers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2016 to 2026, slower than the average for all occupations.

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You're Not Just Helping Designers, You're Helping The Planet:

Fast Fashion Is The 2nd Largest
Source of Pollution Behind Big Oil


More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years. Fabrics like Nylon take 30-40 years to biodegrade in landfills.


Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. Polyester sheds microfibres that are increasing levels of plastic in our oceans.


In 2013 a five-storey building named Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh killing over 1000 and injuring over 2000 clothing factory workers. The incident exposed the unethical and unsafe working conditions of factory workers.

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